How to find out the IP-address of a remote desktop client on Windows server

From a command shell (cmd) issue the command:

netstat -a | find “:3389” | find “ESTABLISHED”

This will a result in a list of all remote IP-addresses connected using RDP to the server.

If the server is using a non-standard port for RDP, replace 3389 with the non-standard port.

Microsoft remote desktop (RDP) shows black screen after login [SOLUTION]

After connecting by remote desktop to a machine, the initial welcome screen is displayed then the screen goes black.

Press CTRL-ALT-END and wait (it might take a while). When the Cancel button is visible, hit Cancel. Now the screen goes back to normal.

Remmina on Ubuntu 12.04 problem to connect to Windows 7 with RDP ‘Unable to connect to RDP server’

Suddenly I couldn’t connect to my Windows 7 machine by RDP using Remmina on Ubuntu 12.04. It had worked before and suddenly stopped working. The error message displayed was ‘Unable to connect to RDP server’. Other RDP connections worked fine.

For some reason the problem was solved by editing the file ~/.freerdp/known_hosts and deleting the line with the server having the problem. When connecting again I was asked to accept the certificate and now the RDP connection worked again.


Connecting Remote Desktop to console screen

When you connect to a Windows XP with remote desktop (RDP), you automatically get connected to the console, i.e. the same screen/session that a local user is logged into.

Starting RDP in console modeHowever, if you connect to a server, like Microsoft Windows Server 2003, you will not get connected to the local console session, but instead to a new session. Sometimes it is necessary to connect to the console session, for example when troubleshooting a problem and there is an error message on the console session screen.

To start the remote desktop in console mode you click on the Windows Start button and type in the Run or Search field:

For Windows XP:

mstsc /console

For Windows Vista / 7:

mstsc /admin

And then press enter or click Run.