Anytone AT-D878UV not displaying roaming channel – fixed!

When I got my first Anytone AT-D878UV in 2019 the roaming function used to display which channel it had roamed onto but later on, probably after a firmware upgrade this disappeared rendering the roaming function rather useless.

This continued even though I switched to the latest AT-D878UVII Plus. I recently asked a friend who also got the latest model if he had the same problem – which he hadn’t.

This made me suspect that this is an error that had occurred in my codeplug and continued to exist even though I’ve switching models (since the RDT-files are upward compatible I didn’t bother to make a new codeplug for the new radio, so I just opened the RDT-file from the old one).

So I exported everyting on my current codeplug to CSV-files, went into the CPS and made a new codeplug, imported the CSV files and walked through Optional settings to set up everyting as I wanted. Then wrote the new codeplug to the radio and guess what – now it displays the channel it is roaming on!