Ubuntu 12.04 hangs in different stages of the boot sequence

A server I am maintaining stopped during boot on the "Stopping userspace bootsplash" or "Configuring network interfaces". If Ctrl-Alt-Del was pressed the machine rebooted so it was not completely stuck. I tried booting in rescue mode and checked the /etc/network/interfaces syntax but no problem visible there.

The solution was quite simple. Boot in rescue mode and select package repair. After repairing my packages the machine was rebooted, then fsck was ran automatically (which took quite a while). After that the machine booted normally.


Copy of PrestaShop default-bootstrap theme from doesn’t display submenus after upgrade to

I made a customized theme by copying the PrestaShop default-bootstrap theme in version After an upgrade to the theme will no longer show the dropdown submenus.

The reason is that after the upgrade, the default-bootstrap has been updated but my customized copy hasn’t causing some needed JS files not being loaded.

The quickest solution is to go into Advanced Parameters -> Performance and enable Move JavaScript to the end


I found information about the problem here.