Stefan - a really silly picture of me

A really silly picture of me

Welcome to!

This is my kingdom! is the nerd’s utopia – where we speak geek!

My name is Stefan Helander and on a more physical level (when I am not busy ruling I live in Sweden. My native language is Swedish, so bare with me when my English is not the way you native speakers are used to 🙂 Except from Swedish, English, some Danish and a bit of German I (of course) speak fluent Geek which is the official language in the land of nerdia 😀

I am also a “ham” a.k.a radio amateur known under the callsigns SM0RGM (Sweden) and OZ0RGM (Denmark).

As a professional nerd I find the Internet a unvaluable source of solutions to all kind of technical problems I run into, both at a professional and a personal level. This is my way of returning the favour, by sharing my knowledge. At you will find technical tips and tricks that hopefully will solve your problem for the day.

My professional web site is If you don’t have the time or urge to solve the problem yourself you can always hire me as a consultant. I am open for assignments. 😉

I hope you find the site useful. If you have something that you think I should post here, just contact me using the contact form. I share this information for free. Please do me the favour of not stealing it by copy and pasting it to your site. Feel free to link here though. Thanks.

If you are interested in advertising on this site (money makes the world go around, right?), write me couple of lines through the Contact form and we will work something out.


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