Acymailing Joomla frontend error 'Uncaught ReferenceError: acymModule is not defined' solved

Acymailing Joomla frontend module error ‘Uncaught ReferenceError: acymModule is not defined’ [Solution]

To solve this, I changed the settings of the module to -> Advanced -> Load javascript module = On the module itself

Joomla 3 You can’t remove your own Super User permissions [solved]

On a Joomla! 3 site I got the error “You can’t remove your own Super User permissions.” when trying to save global configuration.

It turned out some previous admin had set the file permissions on this file so the system wasn’t allowed to write to it. I set rw permissions to it using FTP connection to the server and the problem was solved.


Joomla! breadcrumbs module caching problem

Joomla! breadcrumbs module caching problem

I’ve hade problems with the Joomla! breadcrumbs module being cached, so the wrong breadcrumb is being displayed. The problem is that the module is being cached. This has been reported as a bug and it has the status as being fixed. However, in an old Joomla! install, which is updated to the latest version, I still had this problem.

This is how I solved it.

  • In the breadcrumbs module, under the Advanced tab, set Caching to No caching and Cache Time to 0
  • In the Global settings, use Conservative caching (if Progressiv caching is used, I still had problems)
Joomla banners registers click on wrong banner

Joomla banners register clicks on wrong banner

I had a client site using banners, configured to register clicks on each banner. The client discovered that sometimes clicks was not registered on the correct banner. Initially it looked like banners with the same target link (URL) was registered on the banner with the lowest ID. This turned out to be misleading.

The cause was a SEF plugin called JoomSEF. This plugin handled the URL:s also for banners routing the clicks to the wrong banner.

The solution was to exclude Joomla banner component from being handled by JoomSEF:

  • Go to Components -> JoomSEF -> Manage Extensions
  • For Banners, click to the right so it displays Default Joomla router under Active Handler
Joomla offline mode not working

Joomla offline mode not working [solution]

A client was developing a Joomla site and had set it to Offline mode. In order to have a beta test group access the site for evalutation and tests, they had created a user account for the group and set it to Registered. The permissions for Registered users was set to Allow Offline access. At this moment the offline page was not showing up anymore for non-logged in users, i.e. anyone could access the site.

It turns out, bug in Joomla or not, that if you allow offline access for the Registered group the offline mode will stop working. The beta test group had to be put under Guests and allowing offline access to that group instead.


  • Go to System -> Global Configuration
  • Click on the Permissions tab
  • Click on the Registered user group
  • Select Inherited
  • Click Save

Joomla! T3 Framework based template, module class suffix not working

The problem was that module class suffix was not working and the first solution was to make a tpl file override, placed in local/tpls/blocks and change style=”raw” to style=”xhtml” for the module in question. This solution had been working for years, but suddenly the client reported that their site was “looking weird” again.

It turned out the module class suffix had stopped working again.

The solution this time was quite simple. The site had been updated and the T3 system plugin was version 3.0.2. By updating it to 3.0.4 the problem was solved.

Joomla! module assignment list is broken

If the module selection list in the module assignment is broken, i.e. the tool for select / deselect of sub menu items is missing and the layout is generally garbled, the cause can be a menu item in the menu above that is listed as a child item but has no parent.

Go the the menu items for the last menu that is working. A menu item which has a missing parent has one or more leading vertical bars before the menu item name (instead of the leading dash which is the normal indication of a child item).

Just open the menu item and save it.

iFAQ auto expand all [solution]

The Joomla! extension iFAQ from Ideal Extensions is a nice way of building a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section on your website.

One feature I am missing though is to be able to select wether a FAQ list of articles should default to all open instead of closed. This is a simple workaround.

Add a module of the type Custom HTML and edit the module content using no editor. Publish the module in a suitable module position, like Debug.

Insert the following javascript into the module (remember, no editor mode):

jQuery(document).ready(function($) { 
  jQuery( "#expand-all" ).click(); 

By selecting which menu items the module is displayed for, you can choose the FAQ pages where you want to have the articles expanded by default.

Joomla breadcrumbs not working, solved in JoomSEF by entering ItemID

Breadcrumbs only showing “Home” for Joomla article

A Joomla article was published through a menu item (single article) but the breadcrumbs when displaying the article only showed “Home” (not clickable). The menu path and article title was missing in the breadcrumbs.

In this case JoomSEF was installed on the site. The solution was to find the SEF URL in JoomSEF (go to “Manage SEF URLs”). The ItemID field was empty.

The problem was solved by entering the menu ID for the menu item displaying the article in the ItemID field, saving and clearing the cache.

Regular Labs Library plugin is outdated.

Fixing “Regular Labs Library plugin is outdated. Try to re-install Modals. Modals cannot function.”

After an update I had the error message saying:


Regular Labs Library plugin is outdated. Try to re-install Modals. Modals cannot function.
Regular Labs Library plugin is not enabled. Modals cannot function.
Regular Labs Library plugin is not enabled. Articles Anywhere cannot function.

In my case, the extension causing this was cause by Articles Anywhere.


  • Go to and download the latest version of Articles Anywhere (or the extension causing trouble in your case)
  • Go to Extensions -> Manage and search for “regular”
  • Select all the regular labs extensions and uninstall them (you made a backup of the site first, right?)
  • Go to Extensions -> Install and install the extension in your Joomla site again
  • In case of the above not solving the problem, use FTP or similar to delete the following folders and try the above again: