Joomla 2.5 – suddenly internal links contain Smart%20Search [solution]

In a Joomla 2.5 installation, SEF URLs enabled and URL rewrite using .htaccess enabled I suddenly got internal menu links with URL:s containing Smart%20Search, like:

The link itself does not work, ending up on an error page. I have no explanation why this occurs.

The solution is to go to Menu -> Menus, then select all menus and then click the Rebuild button


Demolition of gas tower in Valby, Copenhagen

The other day I went to watch the demolition of the gas tower in Valby, Copenhagen. The demolition was done by detonating a series of explosive charges in the bottom of the tower. By placing and sequencing the explosions the tower was tipped over to the side with high precision, just like taking down  a tree. I had never seen a demolition using explosives in reality before (only on video) so I was quite excited. Everything went exactly as planned. This is my video.

Slide the bar to 1:04 where the explosion begins. The event was rather big in Denmark. It was broadcasted live in television. See the news clip from TV2 News here.