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Anytone AT-D878UV / AT-D578UV wishlist

This is my wishlist for features / fixes for the Anytone AT-D878UV and AT-D587UV DMR radios. Comments, additions and suggestions are welcome, contact me on sm0rgm@helander.se. Maybe the Anytone people will read it 😉 I will submit it through my dealer as well, for them to forward to the Anytone developers.

Analog vs digital APRS

There is actually no such thing as “analog” APRS. The traditional APRS over AX.25 on 144.800 MHz (or 145.390 MHz in other parts of the word) is actually defined as a digital mode. However, Anytone has a possibility in their radios choose wether to send APRS over AX.25 or as position data over the DMR […]

apache2 randomly uses old self signed certificate

On a site with a valid SSL certificate, sometimes a page load would result in a warning about being insecure. When inspecting the certificate, it turned out to be an old self signed certificate that shouldn’t be in use any more since the site now has a valid “real” SSL certificate. Reloading the page a […]