Joomla offline mode not working

Joomla offline mode not working [solution]

A client was developing a Joomla site and had set it to Offline mode. In order to have a beta test group access the site for evalutation and tests, they had created a user account for the group and set it to Registered. The permissions for Registered users was set to Allow Offline access. At this moment the offline page was not showing up anymore for non-logged in users, i.e. anyone could access the site.

It turns out, bug in Joomla or not, that if you allow offline access for the Registered group the offline mode will stop working. The beta test group had to be put under Guests and allowing offline access to that group instead.


  • Go to System -> Global Configuration
  • Click on the Permissions tab
  • Click on the Registered user group
  • Select Inherited
  • Click Save