Telldus net and NEXA PER-1500 remote controlled switch

The NEXA PER-1500 remote controlled switch works fine with Telldus net. This unit does not have a learn button. Instead it goes into learn mode for about 5 seconds when power is applied and that is indicated by the LED blinking. To add the NEXA to to Telldus Live:

  • The NEXA PER-1500 should be disconnected from power
  • Log in to Telldus live and add new device
  • Select NEXA -> Self learning on/off
  • Power on the NEXA PER-1500 and immidiately click the Learn button in Telldus Live. You might need to hit it a couple of times.
  • The NEXA PER-1500 will click it’s relay to verify the pairing


  • The NEXA PER-1500 can be paired to maximum 6 devices. If you are not certain there is a free memory slot, clear all memories by using the remote control. Power on the NEXA PER-1500 and while the LED is blinking you hit ALL OFF on the remote control
  • When pairing the NEXA PER-1500 with Telldus net it needs to be very close to the unit (I paired it within 1 meter from it). When paired it will work on further distances.