Brain mouse for the brainiac

BrainmouseThis is a cool mouse from for all of you brainiacs. If not for yourself, maybe as a gift for your nerd friend.

They also have some funny female shaped mouses, which you of course has no need for as a cool nerd. Everybody knows that nerd is the new sexy and women stand in line to get one of their own (a nerd that is, not the mouses I’ve mentioned :)).

Screen is displayed upside down or sideways on my laptop with Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10

Just press and hold CTRL and ALT and then press the up arrow and the screen will return to it’s normal orientation.

In order to support devices with different orientation you can rotate the screen. The screen can be rotated left (left arrow key), right (right arrow key), upside down (down key) and normal (up key) while pressing CTRL and ALT.

My guess this is going to be the next practical joke at the office 🙂

In case the keyboard shortcut doesn’t work, it can also be fixed through control panel settings described in this article.

Canon Powershot G9 user friendly translation for disabling sound

Canon Powershot G9 sound offThis translation train wreck has somehow slipped through Canon quality check. The menu is in Swedish and controls sound effects of the camera. Instead of just writing Sound (“Ljud” in Swedish) with the selection On or Off the translator wrote “Ljud av” which backtranslates to “Sound off”. In order to disable the sound you should set “Sound off” to on. Why make it easy? 🙂

ASCII animated Star Wars movie

Star wars ASCII movie

To see it, you need a telnet client installed. In Linux and Microsoft Windows previous to Vista a telnet client is built in (obviously Microsoft figured no-one uses telnet anymore in Vista).

To see the movie, just do telnet

In Windows XP, click Start and then Run and type the line above in the run-command window. Then click OK.

Bastard Operator From Hell

Any BOFHs out there recognizing themselves? 🙂

(Yes, I know, this is not the original BOFH, but this guy is acting like a BOFH.)

Homemade steam rocket on ice

How to have some fun with technology!