Teltonika RUT-240 / RUT-950 poor wifi client performance (fix!)

I use a couple of Teltonika RUT-240 and RUT-950 routers. One of them I bring with me when I travel. To save 4G data I usually hook it up as a wifi client against the hotel wifi.

After a while I realized the performance was really poor with a lot of packet loss and loosing connection completely from time to time. I moved the router so the signal was good (about 90%) but still had problems.

When configuring the wifi client failover, I set interval to 60, track ip to three different adresses (, and, reliabilty 1, count 10, up 3, down 3. This is to make sure that there is time enough to click through the hotel’s wifi portal page (before that you don’t have internet connectivity and ping will fail).

When I scan for a new network, I look for the access point with the strongest signal and copy the BSSID (8 hex numbers separated with colon). In hotels there are often several access points for the same network name and sometimes my router seems to be switch between them. In the wireless configuration screen I paste the BSSID in the BSSID field for the network I am connecting to, making sure I always connect to the strongest one.

While I’ve been travelling, I have been a bit lazy and just left different hotel’s wifi in the configured network list (I might return some day I thought). However, this seems to be bogging down the router. After I clearead the list of old wifi client configurations, my router became much faster and the connection was now really stable.

CloudLog gives ‘Access denied’

Checking to web server logs reveals:

Got error 'Access to the script '/var/www/XXX/web/logbook' has been denied (see security.limit_extensions)'

The URL of the logbook showed https://DOMAIN/index.php/logbook


Add the following to php.ini for the site:


Joomla! breadcrumbs module caching problem

Joomla! breadcrumbs module caching problem

I’ve hade problems with the Joomla! breadcrumbs module being cached, so the wrong breadcrumb is being displayed. The problem is that the module is being cached. This has been reported as a bug and it has the status as being fixed. However, in an old Joomla! install, which is updated to the latest version, I still had this problem.

This is how I solved it.

  • In the breadcrumbs module, under the Advanced tab, set Caching to No caching and Cache Time to 0
  • In the Global settings, use Conservative caching (if Progressiv caching is used, I still had problems)