Unwanted code is displayed on Joomla articles when caching is enabled

Unwanted code, like below, is displayed on articles when System -> Global settings -> Cache is set to ON (both for conservative and progressive caching). The first time the article is loaded it looks ok but when reloading it garbage code like below is displayed. System is Joomla 3.4.8.

Example of unwanted code displayed:

{idkey=7001b0[url=http%3A%2F%2Fsomedomain.com%2Fom-site][title=Om+oss][desc=+%7Bloadposition+undermeny_4_text%7D+%7Bloadposition+undermeny_4_bild%7D+]}{cmp_start idkey=9514[url=http%3A%2F%2Fdomedomain.com%2Fom-site][title=Om+oss][desc=+%7Bloadposition+undermeny_4_text%7D+%7Bloadposition+undermeny_4_bild%7D+]}

This is generally caused by a third party plugin. To track down which one is causing this you need to disable plugins one by one and clear the cache before reloading (reload at least twice).

In my case, it was a plugin called Content – Facebook-Twitter-Google+1 causing the trouble. I tried reordering the plugin, from first to last without any success so I simply just had to ditch it and find another one.

I found out that the BT Social Sharing plugin was a better alternative. Apart from not giving the above trouble it doesn’t slow down the site as the Facebook-Twitter-Google+1 plugin did.

Telldus net and NEXA PER-1500 remote controlled switch

The NEXA PER-1500 remote controlled switch works fine with Telldus net. This unit does not have a learn button. Instead it goes into learn mode for about 5 seconds when power is applied and that is indicated by the LED blinking. To add the NEXA to to Telldus Live:

  • The NEXA PER-1500 should be disconnected from power
  • Log in to Telldus live and add new device
  • Select NEXA -> Self learning on/off
  • Power on the NEXA PER-1500 and immidiately click the Learn button in Telldus Live. You might need to hit it a couple of times.
  • The NEXA PER-1500 will click it’s relay to verify the pairing


  • The NEXA PER-1500 can be paired to maximum 6 devices. If you are not certain there is a free memory slot, clear all memories by using the remote control. Power on the NEXA PER-1500 and while the LED is blinking you hit ALL OFF on the remote control
  • When pairing the NEXA PER-1500 with Telldus net it needs to be very close to the unit (I paired it within 1 meter from it). When paired it will work on further distances.

Joomla 1.5 PHP fatal error allowed memory size exhausted in libraries/joomla/error/exception.php [SOLUTION]

After a site move (from one webhosting to another) the site reported error 500 internal server error. When checking the logfile the file libraries/joomla/error/exception.php reported that allowed memor size was exhausted. I tried increasing it by adjusting the php.ini settings all the way up to 2 GB without resolving the problem. This is way more than Joomla should need.

The problem was that I had forgot to update the temp and log paths in Global settings to the ones on the new server. The path the site is running under can be found by the menu Help -> System info. Then I adjusted temp path and log path in Global settings and the problem was resolved.

If your site gives you error 500 internal server error, access your Joomla database using for example phpMyAdmin and delete all rows in the jos_session table.

Another solution if the problem is a corrupted database is to repair the database tables using phpMyAdmin.

In configuration.php, also try setting cache_handler=”file” instead of “memcache”.