Dovado routers with ZTE MF820D 4G modems (Telia)

To be able to use the ZTE MF820D 4G dongle from Telia with Dovado routers, both units need to have updated firmwares. Unfortunately even in stores, those units seems to have outdated firmwares.

To upgrade the ZTE MF820D 4G dongle – follow this guide (Telia Sweden):

To upgrade the Dovado router, visit Dovado’s homepage: and follow the instructions in the firmware file.


System Check virus – how to remove it

System Check is a virus/trojan pretending to be a system diagonstics tool displaying fake errors. To recover them the user will be fooled to pay for the software. Whatever you do – do not pay for it! When infected, all icons on the desktop will be hidden and the only program in the Start menu will be the System Check tool. 

Computer infected with the System Check virus

I tried to follow the instructions here to remove System Scan virus. However, the virus seems to exist in a newer version where the Run and Search fields in the Start menu are disabled. Because of this I had to take a different approach.  Read more