ASUS EeePC 900 2 GB memory upgrade

The ASUS EeePC 900 is a dear friend of mine and has served me truly for a number of years. It is not my primary work horse, but on trips it is excellent with it’s small size and low weight (even on a 14 day trip I always travel with hand luggage only). It is also a comfort when travelling to know that I am not carrying an expensive piece of equipement. This little fellow has been my travel companion to many different countries – near and far away. So I really don’t want to retire it and recently I decided to "pimp it" a little. When running a couple of applications it quickly consumes the 1 GB of RAM, so a little bit more wouldn’t hurt.

It ships with 1 GB of RAM installed and it is possible to upgrade it to 2 GB. It is actually a question of replacement rather than expansion due to the fact that there are no free memory slots. The upgrade is performed by replacing the 1 GB SODIMM with a 2 GB SODIMM.  

For specifications of the ASUS Eee PC 900, see this wikipedia page.

The memory module needed is a DDR2-400 SODIMM but 533 and 667 MHz will also work. I used a Crucial 2GB DDR2 PC-5300 667 MHz CL5 SODIMM. Note that memory modules are sensitive to static discharge. Preferrably you should at least have a grounding wrist wrap or even better if you have access to an ESD secure work place. In reality most of us will just rely on the kitchen table and being careful not to touch any connectors or metal parts of the memory module. That will also work in most cases 🙂 

  1. Unplug the power cord and remove the battery. 
  2. The memory module is hidden behind a hatch on the bottom of the PC. The hatch is secured with two screws, one hidden behind a EeePC label (possibly acting as a warranty void seal). Remove the two screws and the hatch. 
  3. Remove the preinstalled 1 GB SODIMM by pulling locking plates on the sides a bit apart until they release the module.
  4. Insert the new 2 GB SODIMM and make sure it locks by pushing it gently down until the locking plates clicks into position.

  5. Reinstall the latch and the two screws.
  6. Install battery and connect power cord.
  7. Say your prayers, press the power button and hopefully your EeePC boots up so you can enjoy your brand new 2 GB of RAM!


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