Getting “An error occurred while updating object. lang ()” in PrestaShop

If you get the error message "An error occurred while updating object. lang ()" when updating a language in PrestaShop, this is caused when the system doesn’t have permissions to write in the .htaccess-file in your root directory.

If the file does not exist, just create an empty .htaccess-file and make sure it is writeable by the user running the webserver process, for example by issuing: 

chmod 666 .htaccess


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4 Responses to “Getting “An error occurred while updating object. lang ()” in PrestaShop”

  1. John Says:

    An error occurred while creating object. lang (Unknown column ‘is_rtl’ in ‘field list’)

    Trick with .htaccess can’t help me 🙁

    You have any other solution ?
    Thanks !

  2. giuseppe Says:

    Thank you for saving my life 🙂

  3. dando Says:

    u totaly rocks. 100% works

  4. el globo Says:

    Thanks for your post

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